Water treatment and water extraction are large branches of industry in which there are immense differences worldwide. Around 2.1 billion people suffer from an inadequate drinking water supply because there is no or poor water treatment on-site. For this reason, I would like to cover this topic.
In my concept, the polluted water is led into a chamber. Then brought to a boil with a heating coil from a parabolic mirror, so that water evaporated rises and is fed through a pipe system into the filter chamber in which it remineralises. This step is crucial due to the health risk of consuming almost distilled water. After the water has seeped through the filter layers, it is led into the drinking water chamber and is ready for consumption.
In the design, the readability of the functionality and the resulting feeling of transparency of the process was particularly important to me. 
The parabolic mirror itself cannot be seen because I wanted to avoid leaving it open due to the risk of accidents caused by user burns. However, the cladding is designed so that it reflects the shape of the parabolic mirror and thus represents it. 
The two containers are now visible from the outside and are shown in two shades of blue for easy differentiation. The user can pull them out after disassembling the filters to carry out maintenance work or to clean them.

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